Tomba Vs Hunter: Who is the Best?

Are you on the fence to buy Tomba?
Well, You are the right place! So, let’s see Tomba Vs Hunter.
I’m curious as to how near Tomba gets to the Hunter.
Where does it flourish and where does it falter?
tomba vs hunter tomba lifetime deal


Domain Search & BulkYesYes
Email Finder & BulkYesYes
Email VerifierYesYes
Bulk Email VerifierYesYes
Author FinderYesYes
Cold EmailRoadmapYes
Domain Search----------
Show Email SourcesYesYes
Twitter HandlesYesYes
LinkedIn HandlesYesNo
Phone NumbersYesNo
Country He/She livesYesNo
UI (Design)4.5 Star5 Star
UX (Easy to Use)5 Star5 Star
Chrome, Firefox ExtensionsYesYes
Edge, Opera AddonsYesNo
Gmail & Google Sheets IntegrationYesYes
API KeysYesYes
Year Founded20212015
No. of Employees27
Free PlanYes (More limits)Yes
Regular pricing$39/month$49/month
Lifetime DealYesNo
LinksTomba Lifetime DealHunter link

Find 10X More Emails With Tomba

I have tested around 25 domains in 11 niches and found that Tomba shows more than Hunter. Only fewer times it shows no emails and fewer emails than the hunter.

Note that Hunter has 75 Million website sources of data whereas Tomba has 61 million website sources of data.

Tomba sometimes does not display emails, but most of the time it shows more than the hunter.

I have compared the domain search with 11 niches and let’s see below

Niches I tested:

  • Arts & Crafts – Tombs wins
  • Beading & Jewellery – Tomba shows closer to hunter
  • Sewing – Hunter wins
  • Beauty – Tomba wins
  • Haircare – Tomba shows slightly less emails than hunter
  • Makeup – Tomba finds fewer emails for a low domain score than hunter
  • Skincare – Tomba wins
  • Computer – Tomba wins
  • Tablets & Laptops – Tomba wins
  • PC Gaming – Tomba finds fewer emails for a low domain score than hunter
  • Health – Tomba wins

** I have tested only 2-3 domains on a single niche that shows on 9-10 search pages and having a domain score less than 50. So, these results may vary for you.

Unfortunately, Hunter Free plan limited me to just 25 searches, covering fewer niches and some of them are connected.

And For Some domains, hunter failed to show even a single email where Tomba did it.

E.g: – email: ad*** (See in below pictures)

hunter failed to show email of a domain
tomba showing email of a domain

However, hunter shows the best emails on the first page, where Tomba shows emails randomly.

So, it takes so much time to go through pages to find the best email you want on Tomba.

Tomba shows more emails but Hunter shows emails on more websites.

Winner: Tomba

Call Anyone with their Phone Numbers?

While hunter shows only Twitter profiles, Tomba shows both Twitter, LinkedIn & Phone numbers.

You can call or even send SMS to anyone. Phone numbers can be helpful for you in sending cold outreach messages.

Wanna Call Appsumo Founder Noah Kagan? Go Ahead!

Winner: Tomba

Want to do Cold Email Campaigns?

Currently, Tomba doesn’t support cold email campaigns. But, it’s there on their Roadmap.

If your main preference is Cold Campaigns, then you need to go for Hunter or Snov.

But What I suggest is, Go with Snov or Lemlist!

They are best in standard when it comes to cold emails.

Winner: Hunter ( But I Suggest Snov )

Wanna Find Author Email of a Blog post?

If you want to find the author of any blog post, you can easily put the blog post link and get the author details in seconds.

You can use this to cold outreach to author for banklinks and collaborations.

Big companies have many authors & if you need backlinks, then contacting the author of the blog post is best than contacting anyone.

This feature is powerful if you want to get a backlink opportunity. 

Both Tomba and Hunter have this feature.

Winner: Both

Want to Automate, but No Zapier?

Tomba has integrations with Zapier, Pabbly, and Integrately so you can integrate any app.

Maybe, you can put your integrately free tasks into work or you can pabbly connect lifetime deal.

But Matured hunter, still stuck with Zapier.

Winner: Tomba

Cool Features of Tomba on Roadmap?

In Roadmap, there is a mobile app (both Android & ios) and a Desktop app.

Mobile app definitely makes handy when you don’t have pc/laptop.

Conclusion: Tomba Vs Hunter

Tomba excels at Domain Search and the Amount of emails it finds. It has good integrations and extensions for many web browsers.

Hunter has more features like Author Finder and Campaigns. And it shows the best emails on the front page.

But, you can find author email using email finder in Tomba too.

Overall Winner: Tomba


Apart from cold emails, it pretty much has all features and good at everything than Hunter.

I’ve tested some niches above too.

For cold emails, I suggest using or lemlist.

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