11 Best FREE Online Courses with Certificates In 2021

Best Free Online Courses with Certificates

Want to learn an Online Course without any cost? 

If yes, then you are at the right place. 

The Best part is you will get a Certificate too. Here I will show you where you can learn Best Free Online Certification Courses.

Many websites offer only FREE courses but some of them offer premium courses as well.

Don’t worry about the Certificate, many of them offer it for FREE. Here you will get an idea about the best free online courses with certificates available right now.

1. Udemy

Udemy free courses

Udemy has a wide range of free courses in all categories. It is the best place for a beginner to learn anything without spending a dime. 

Just search for free courses, you will find every course there.

It offers the best free online courses with Certificates than any other website. They are even adding new courses every week.

With my personal experience, I understood that Udemy had never compromised with the quality of free Courses compared to paid courses.

For a beginner, it is the best place to learn about any topic. Even Some Courses have 10+ hours of Course Content. Here you are charged for a Certificate.



Average Monthly Traffic: 100 Million

Price: Free +paid

Free courses Available: 8,278

Certificate Issued: Mostly paid 

2. Coursera


 Coursera is best for who want to become an expert on any subject. It offers courses from top Universities and Companies. 

It also offers 100% Online Degree, so that you can even complete your degree from home.

It is good for people who want to learn Free from top Universities and companies.

Good News for Students!

Recently Coursera launched Campus student plan so that University students can learn Unlimited Guided projects and 1 free course per year.

Click here to know more about Coursera’s Campus Student Plan.


Average monthly traffic: 65 Million

Price: Free + paid

Free Courses Available: 1592

Certificate Issued: Free + paid

3. Lynda (LinkedIn Learning)


Lynda ( LinkedIn Learning ) offers you a 1-month free trial. So, It is an ideal one for those who are starting and you wish to remain with Lynda, you need to pay INR 900/month for the annual plan.

In Lynda premium, you will get

  • Unlimited access to 16,000+ courses taught by real-world experts
  • Certificate of completion
  • Full access to LinkedIn premium like Salary and job insights, unlimited profile viewing, InMail credits, and more ( You can save $30/month )

If you are planning for LinkedIn premium then I Suggest you take Lynda premium.


Average monthly traffic: 3.3 Million

Price: 1-month Free trial

Free Courses Available: No

Certificate Issued: Free 

4. Skill Share


Skillshare is an online learning community where teachers host their courses and students learn from them. 

It contains mostly high-quality courses by subject experts and focuses more on creativity.

It offers a free plan as well as a premium plan of  7 days of free trial where you can learn as many courses as you wish. 

If you wish to stay with a premium plan, it costs $24/annual which is best for you to save money.

In SkillShare Premium, you will get

  • Unlimited Access to Thousands of Classes ( no ads )
  • Quality Teachers
  • Offline Watching ( you can Download your classes to your android or ios mobile )

It is best for those who want to have Unlimited Access to many courses for a low price.


Average monthly traffic: 8.8 Million

Price:  Free + paid ( 7 days Free trial )

Free courses Available: 193

Certificate Issued: Free

5. Edx


Edx is a massive open online course provider created by Harvard University & Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

It offers University level online courses with a wide range of categories.

It offers free courses but you will be charged a minimum of $50 to get a certificate.


Average monthly traffic: 20 Million

Price:  Free + paid 

Free courses Available: 181

Certificate Issued: paid

6. Udacity


Udacity is the best learning platform for programmers. It offers the best programming courses from top companies worldwide.

Udacity differentiates itself by providing

  • Job-focussed Content
  • Premium support
  • Real-life projects
  • Personalized Code Reviews by experts


Average monthly traffic: 8.8 Million

Price:  Free + paid ( 7 days Free trial )

Free courses Available: 193

Certificate Issued: Free

7. Alison


Alison offers over 2000 certification courses with a chargeable Certificate. Here you can see the “Course for Jobs” Category where you can find courses for specific jobs and career guidance.

It also offers Alison premium, where you can

  • Remove all adverts
  • Get Full Access to CV builder features
  • Get Exclusive Monthly Discounts
  • Get Upto 50% off for your Certificate


Average monthly traffic: 8.8 Million

Price:  Free + paid ( 7 days Free trial )

Free courses Available: 193

Certificate Issued: Free

8. Open Culture

Open Culture

Open Culture is really an open website for all free courses available from top universities and Companies. 

You can find a huge collection of categories. Here you can find a free course on any topic. 

All courses are free from Arts to Programming. It allows the user to navigate easily through Categories. 

It is the best choice to learn any course on the internet without spending a cent.

Average monthly traffic: 2.7 Million

Price:  Free 

Free courses Available: 1500+

Certificate Issued: Depends on Course 

9. Academic Earth

Academic Earth

Academic Earth offers free online video courses and academic courses from World’s top Universities. 

It is considered a search engine for full-text scholarly information, with video courses covering around 50 primary subjects.

Academic  Earth believes that everyone deserves access to a world-class education. 

You can easily select courses based on categories or Universities.

All courses are free but mostly you won’t get a certificate after course completion.


Average monthly traffic: 100 K

Price:  Free 

Free courses Available: 750+

Certificate Issued: No

10. Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy

 Shaw Academy is good for those who follow a scheduled time. It allows students to schedule a time for their classes. 

With my personal experience, I observed that It created a discipline in me for attending the class on time. 

 It offers a 4 Week Free Trial where you will get Unlimited access to 70+ Courses.


Average monthly traffic: 5.2 Million

Price: 4 Week Free Trial 

Free courses Available: No

Certificate Issued: paid

11. Packt pub


Packtpub is best for programming lovers. Here you can learn the best programming languages for free and you can get a course completion certificate too.

I had enrolled in Web development and observed that they are teaching in such a way that the students can gain both practical and theoretical knowledge easily.

And Every Course is designed from beginner to advanced. 

I loved it among all the Free programming courses I saw until now.


Average monthly traffic: 3 Million

Price: Free

Free courses Available: 10

Certificate Issued: Free


Finally, I would like to say explore yourself with all the websites I have discussed, and Learn the courses from which website you feel better. 

Almost all websites provide you free courses as well. So, test the free courses on websites and if you’re satisfied then look out for their paid courses.

Tell me which website you liked the most? And if I had missed any websites let me know in the comments.

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