Digital Deepak Courses To Master Digital Marketing [2021]

digital deepak online courses

If anyone wants to learn digital marketing in India, then I am sure that Digital Deepak courses comes to your mind.

Digital Deepak online courses contain rich content with practical knowledge that certainly helps you to master digital marketing.

Learning digital marketing from him is learning from a great expert in India. He teaches many courses that cover A to Z about digital marketing.

All Digital Marketing Courses by Digital Deepak

1. SEO Mastery

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is one of the important components of digital marketing. It plays a major role in organic traffic. 

Learning SEO is essential for any beginner in digital marketing. Deepak teaches you from basic to advanced SEO. 

In Digital Deepak Courses, SEO Mastery is one of the best courses you should learn.

2. Google Ads Mastery

Google is the world’s biggest search engine.

Learning Google Adwords helps you to dominate the search engine by placing the right ads which appear on the first page.

This course thoroughly explains on How to use Google Adwords and maximize your profits.

The Best part is Deepak also gives you access to three case studies which helps you to learn more practically.

3. Facebook Ads Mastery

Facebook plays a major role in digital marketing. It contains more than a billion active users. 

With Facebook Ads, you can have reached out to more audiences than any social media platform.

Starting a digital career with Facebook gives you more results and boost your confidence.

In a matter of two weeks, you can become an expert in Facebook Ads through this course. 

4. The 100 Day Blogging Course

Learning Blogging will never be easy without a mentor. If you are a beginner, invest your time with the right mentor that helps you to succeed with blogging.

Deepak has more than 12 years of experience in blogging who is the founder of digitaldeepak.com. He had sold his previous blog named bike advice.in

Digital Deepak Blogging Course is taught by Deepak and Sanjay Shenoy. 

In this course, you can learn everything you need to learn in blogging and master it in 100 days.

5. Social Media Mastery

Social Media has a great power to make your brand more popular in no time. Mastering Social Media, helps you to reach more audience fast.

In this course, Deepak teaches how to master all social media channels productively.

6. Affiliate Marketing Mastery

There is no doubt that affiliate marketing is the best course on the internet to earn money online. 

I don’t say that it is easy but if you follow the right techniques and tools, you can succeed in it.

Deepak will teach you everything he knows about affiliate marketing easily. If you complete this course, I believe you can earn your first dollar online.

7. Content Marketing Mastery

The Simple definition of Content Marketing is, “ Attract audiences and convert them to your customers.”

Whether you have a blog or a business, Content Marketing is the true weapon you should use to increase traffic and build trust with your customers.

And this online course is taught by Sanjay Shenoy, the co-founder of Pixel Track Digital Pvt Ltd. 

He has more than 12 years of experience in Digital marketing and his main skill set is Content Marketing and SEO.

In this course, you will become an expert on how to write attractive content loved by people and promote it. 

8. Email Marketing Mastery

Email Marketing is the best way to build an audience in 2020. Email Marketing is used by many successful businesses and entrepreneurs.

According to Statista, there are 3.9 billion daily email users and it is expected to grow to 4.3 billion by 2023.

You have a great pool of audience via Email Marketing than any other media.

Here is a real example, Digital Deepak has more than 5 Lakh, Email Subscribers. He constantly emails them 2-5 times a week and improves his relationship with them.

Learning Email Marketing from Deepak is a no-brainer. He will teach you everything that helped him to build a 5 Lakh Subscribers.

9. Analytics Mastery

Google Analytics is the best tool to track your audience activity on your websites such as session duration, location, bounce rate, etc…

If you have a blog, then consider learning this course because Google analytics teaches you everything to increase your traffic with detailed aspects.

In this course, Deepak teaches you about Google Analytics using practical lessons and Case studies.

10. Product Launch Mastery

Product Launch Mastery teaches you How to create Information products and Launch Online. You can create any Information product such as online courses. 

But, you need to ensure that you have an experience in that product and meanwhile it can help others too.

In this course, Deepak teaches how to select Information Product and Launch them successfully.

11. Zapier Mastery Course

Zapier is a good tool to automate all your workflows. If you are a marketer, then it is a must-try tool to integrate all your apps.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an online automation tool that helps you to integrate all your favorite apps, such as Mailchimp, Gmail, and many more without coding for spending on developers to build integration.

It is an amazing tool that helps you to automate workflows with just a few clicks. 

You can send SMS, emails, update google sheets, add delays, and many more.

Deepak’s zapier mastery course is amazing and you can master it to use it to as maximum as you can.

It is a must need for any digital marketer to automate everything that saves you a lot of time.

12. Digital Marketing Tools Mastery

If you are into digital marketing, then without knowing about the tools you use in digital marketing you can not succeed in it.

Digital Marketing Tools Mastery is the best course to learn about all the tools that are required for digital marketing in digital deepak courses.

It covers a detailed explanation of all tools that you will be used in digital marketing. It is a much-needed course for all beginners to become a master in digital marketing.

Here you can learn about more than 40+ tools that will help you in your career. Deepak managed to cover all the prominent tools in the digital marketing industry in this course.


Digital Deepak online courses are the best in quality if you are looking to learn digital marketing. He teaches every course through his experience and success.

All his online courses are of detailed explanation through videos, pdfs, checklists, etc

All Digital Deepak online courses cost more than 40,000 rupees.

But Right now, You can get access to all Digital Deepak online courses for 3,997 rupees  and Free Hosting for 1 year.

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